Firehouse Update

If you’ve made it here it means you’ve been caught up in our 7 Days to Save The Firehouse fundraiser. We’re contacting as many people as possible who are able to donate even just $10 to the rebuilding of The Firehouse. The North Manchester community is behind us and has provided the money to build a new roof and floor (go to see some videos of the progress!), but it’s going to take more to get the whole Firehouse back. We’re at a point where literally every penny you can donate will help us bring back the venue that we all know and love. Please make a donation at the PayPal link or send a check to the address below.

Once you’ve donated, please take a couple minutes to contact 10 more people and let them know why you’re donating and why they should too. If we all cast our nets far enough, we’ll have the Firehouse back before we know it! Thank you so much for keeping the flame alive in North Manchester.

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